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"There are hundreds of camps around Palm Beach County, but there is only one where kids can make Spiderman ride a motorcycle up a building or help a caveman befriend a T-Rex."
TV News 12 Anchor - Tim Malloy

For many campers, coming to Cartoon Camp gets them their "15 minutes of Fame."

When Colleen Gallagher and her TV News 12 crew heard about the unique program going on at the Delbo Cartoon Camp, they asked if they could come and film the kids in action. Close to a hundred kids caught a chance in the spotlight as the TV crew shot footage of everything from campers engaged in drawing comic books to filming their own animated cartoons and playing in the arcade. According to Ms. Gallagher, "Cartoon Camp is a happy change from the usual, where all the kids say they're Superheroes."

While the majority of kids attending Cartoon Camp live in the greater Boca Raton area, its one of the few camps in the area that also attract National and International attention. Recent campers hailed from Europe, Central and South America, and all over the United States. International TV Network, Univision, saw this global appeal and sent their TV crews to Boca for some special interviews. Several kids were excited to speak on camera using their native languages.